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Rorrey (Rihanna’s brother) & Eminem backstage at TMT
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Anonymous asked: Won't Em and Rih be cute together?

They both look like they just killed a man so I don’t see why they wouldn’t make an adorable couple.

Anonymous asked: Why is there sexual tension between skylar n em? Do they like eachother?

I don’t know, man. I was just joking.

Anonymous asked: I'm still waiting for the day Em and Skylar would sing c'mon let me ride live on stage

They’re afraid we’ll see all of their sexual frustration on stage. They could barely keep it in their pants when they did Survival (a song that has absolutely nothing to do with sex)

The poster I’m making for next month
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Anonymous asked: Whoever dressed Eminem fo Berzerk, survival, the monster and c'mon let me ride, should be his 24/7 stylist



A wardrobe filled with beanies, all black, and leather jackets yasssss